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Living Matrix - See how Dmitri is healed from cerebral palsy after receiving Reconnective Healing.

After 15 years working in the Biotech industry and enjoying the privilege of traveling and interacting with people from around the globe, I knew my life would change forever when I decided not to transfer to another country in order to keep my job. When I completed four years of study with the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training, I felt drawn to the healing arts.


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Healing for Children

March 12, 2014
Children are very receptive to Reconnective Healing.  They do not carry the baggage that many adult...

It is 2014 – Are you ready for a change?

January 20, 2014
Reconnective Healing can help you align your intentions and actions.  Many of my clients have repor...

You can listen to the recorded radio interview about Reconnective Healing with Kahndi

November 16, 2013
For any of you that missed the radio show today on KCNR1460 AM about Reconnective Healing with Kahnd...

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During a Reconnective Healing session each person has a unique experience. One client saw violet and gold light, felt a "floating" feeling, coolness through the body, completely relaxed and at peace, bells ringing. Another client reported feeling like they received a warm hug and that all their worries were gone. One client who has had chronic pain for years had no pain what so ever. I love this amazing journey!

I have noticed a progressive, definite change in my energy and my perceptions since my first Reconnective Healing session. I have been practicing feeling and moving energy every day. I practice on my self, wife, son, even my dog and any stream I find in the great outdoors. It has become palpable and I am acutely aware of when I am resonant or dissonant with it. I feel very peaceful just being with it now. Thank you again for helping light my path, and the path of many others. GH

“Thank you, Kahndi for the Reconnective Healing session. It was simple and ended up being magical. I have had upper respiratory congestion for years. As you were working on me, I felt it all be stirred up and uprooted. This went on for several days. The biggest benefit, was that little things that would put me in a funk no longer do. There is such a sense of deep well-being that I am unable to explain. I really feel that Divine Intelligence worked through you stimulating my inner Divine Intelligence. There are really no words to describe what I experienced and am still experiencing. THANKS!!! I highly recommended it. :-)”

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